FEMA: Concentration Camps?

Short for Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA is a United States government agency tasked with effectively managing major emergencies within the country, by providing federal relief to areas affected by disasters. It is also tasked with ensuring that the government is able to run during a large-scale disaster such as a nuclear war.[1] In 1979 it was officially established under executive order by President Jimmy Carter.[2] Before being officially established, President Harry S. Truman started FEMA’s forerunner, the Federal Civil Defense Administration in the 1950s where it underwent many changes.[3] These changes were from having different departments, to name changes and to being known for its primary role as an agency with top-secret series of bunkers designed to protect US officials in case of nuclear attack. Now it is best known as an agency tasked with taking immediate action in the midst of a disaster such as floods as they are the largest flood insurer in the United States.[4]

Top Secret bunker
A bunker in Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains known as Mount Weather’s served as the civilian government’s primary emergency hideaway since the 1950s.[1] However, at the start of the 20th century this changed as the observatory became used for different reasons such as for studying science, being a place for the military to train and being a Bureau of Mines facility where research and training was conducted.[1] Since then, there has been no further mention about this site which is perfect for the American government as they would be able to use it whenever and without anyone noticing.[1] The best part is that they would have a government perfectly capable of functioning underground. However, in the 1990’s some of FEMA’s top secrets were leaked into the public view by The Washington Post. One of these top secrets was that they ran a massive relocation bunker for Congress, hidden underneath the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.[1] All this secrecy had created angst among civilians comparing the executive order of FEMA with the executive order that led Japense Americans of the West Coast being sent to internment camps for the rest of World War II.[5] This angst of secrecy is rightfully so, since all these civilians know is that FEMA is tasked with the role of making sure the government is still able to function during a large-scale disaster such as nuclear war. As a result, the theory of FEMA being concentration camps for the government to have total control of every US citizen came into play. It is believed that large number of US citizens will be imprisoned and exterminated to form a New World Order, which is that powerful individuals part of the elite group are conspiring to rule the world through an authoritarian world government. [6]
The government already has full control as they know more about the bunkers, while civilians are kept in the dark never truly knowing what is going on with FEMA, just that there are bunkers, some in plain sight while others are a secret.

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