Moon Landing

In one of the most significant events in America and even the world, was the moon landing. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two people to set foot on the moon. Also, the whole world was watching such an achievement all over the world. During that time, it was known that the Soviet Union and the United States were battling to get to the moon first. The two have known to have animosity with another from the World War. It was around the time when the Watergate and Pentagon Papers had occurred. The Pentagon Paper event was when someone from the government named Daniel Ellsberg exposed the Pentagon Papers after his views changed for the Vietnam War. The Watergate Scandal President Nixon was abusing power he was given. It would only make sense to cover up the tracks to gain back the trust of the American citizens

Why do people believe that the moon landing is false?

Well for one, as stated above, people believe that the moon landing was staged due to the belief that the United States wanted to beat the Soviet Union in the race of going to the moon. Additionally, the moon landing was televised, and individuals who came up with this theory pointed out a few skeptical items. For example, some people claimed that the stars were no stars to be seen. Another one is that the flag of the United States had a wind effect as if there was wind blowing. If there were no wind, then the flag would have been down, like flags do when there is no wind blowing.
Furthermore, when Neil Armstrong turned his camera around to take a selfie, people recognized that they were not able to see the camera, once he took the photo. Lastly but not least, along with the astronaut’s was the cameraman who filmed the moon landing for the world to see. Although NASA could have chosen anyone else, they picked out a man named Stanley Kubrick. He is a well-known director who filmed the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and made Outer space look realistic. Therefore, if his audience was amazed on how realistic he made the film why wouldn’t he work for the government to fake the moon landing to cover the slip-ups of the government to appeal to the citizens.


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