Is Justin Bieber a lizard person ?

The Beginning, Who are the lizard people?
Justin Bieber being one of the biggest artists of modern times, has been described to be a “lizard person” or part of the “Reptilian Elite”. Relating to Millson, who described the role of the group is to “enslave the human race,” it is essential to determine that their goal is to over power our system. Moreover, these “people” can create illusions of war, tragic events or even simply create unimportant entertainment to distract us from their slow infestation and plan to take over our world. It may sound like something you would see in science-fiction movies, but many people are starting to believe this absurd conspiracy theory. [3]

The Official Story:
Relating back to the main focus: Is Justin Bieber a lizard person? We have to start at the beginning tracing the theory back to where it emerged. The emergence of this story started in the roots of FoxNews when they aired a video of the singers arrest in 2014. In the video, there is footage that believed to show Bieber blinking and shifting to reptilian eyelids. [4]


The theory started getting more attractions around 2017 when an Australian news site known as, Perth Now published a story titled, “ Hundreds Of Fans Claim They Saw Justin Bieber Turn Into Giant Reptile.” After the public release of this article, many witnesses started to claim that they saw Bieber turn in a huge reptile. They described him as “gross with coloured scales,” to BuzzFeed. Later on, Perth Now denied any relations stating that they reported Beiber being a reptile. Now, what did Bieber think of this absurd speculation? Well, later on as the news broke out the singer addresses his claim through a video message comforting his fans by saying that everything is “all good.” Notice that he never denied the claim, is it safe to say that this famous artist is really not a giant reptile in disguise? [2]

The Evidence:
The only evidence used to justify this claim is testimonial evidence, so there is plenty of room for doubt. It’s basically a story that relies on what you ought to believe. Listed below are some of the testimonial evidence given by witnesses:
1 Screenshots by Stating that fans said, they saw “ his head shrunk and his eyes went black with a black stripe in the middle” (Stone, 2017).
2 Perth Now: States that a local skater saw Bieber shape-shifting into a lizard by saying that “He was hanging around with this big guy, his bodyguard I guess, and we were just staring because he kept turning into a huge reptile” (Stone, 2017). [1]
3 Lastly, the only video evidence captured in 2014, where it reveals Justin shape-shifting his eyes to seem more reptile alike.

What Now?
Through all this, the big picture is to pay focus on the fact that there might be something evil out in a society that’s in disguise. Maybe we are all distracted by the manipulation of lizard people or more specifically the reptilian elite, whose purpose is to rule our race. We’re probably victims of this theory. Or maybe this is one of the most craziest things you’ve ever heard? Over time, this theory can either diminished or shine upon us.

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