Denver International Airport: Is It A Bunker?

[11] There are several parts of the Denver International Airport Conspiracy: how it went over budget and how it took longer to build than was planned, the buried 5 multistory buildings, the demonic horse that killed its creator, the mysterious time-capsule/monument by the Freemasons hinting at the New World Order, and the 4 creepy murals that tell a sinister story. I will discuss how these have lead people to suspect it is a secret base for the elite/New World Order. I will not discuss the fact that the runways look like a swastika or the creepy baggage area gargoyles.

  • 16 months behind schedule
  • $2 bill over budget
  • A part of Blucifer fell and cut an artery on the leg of its creator(Luis Jiménez) and killed him (June 13, 2006) ( eyes glow red all the time and the horse represents the 4th horseman AKA death)
  • 5 Buried buildings
  • The time-capsule/ monument has the freemasons symbol on it which shows their involvement in the creation of the airport.

“The New World Airport Commission” does not exist but sounds suspiciously like “The New World Order”…

These two sources both speak of a "whistleblowing" construction worker.

“As the story goes, when DIA was first being built, five massive buildings were built somehow incorrectly. Instead of being blown up or otherwise dismantled, they were buried. Although theorists say that a construction worker ultimately blew the whistle on this very weird practice, finding his original testimony on the subject is almost impossible.” [2]

“A whistle-blowing construction worker alleged that the project was delayed because at least five multistory buildings were completed and then mysteriously “buried” underneath the airport. (He and others also testified to the existence of a complex network of underground tunnels.)”[3]

Here are some really good points and interviews by Colin St. John

An interview with a man named Horowitz by Colin St. John:
“Horowitz claims to have seen secret underground tunnels adorned with artwork, presumably for the purposes of giving the rich something pretty to look at while the rest of decompose.
"Did you read or hear anywhere that I was there on Day 3 of the airport's opening, when the luggage operations and trams were not working?" he asks me. No, I did not hear that. "Passengers were directed through tunnels containing some of the finest gold leaf mosaic artistry I have ever seen — artwork that makes Tanguma's beautiful murals pale by comparison. Thereafter, when the trams began operating, those 'alternate' passageways were closed.”[4]

An interview with Curtis Fentress:
“I get in touch with the man responsible for the structure itself, Curtis Fentress, the CEO and principal in charge of design for Fentress Architects… I ask him, bluntly, if there are any underground tunnels or secret bomb shelters, and I received an astonishing reply. "Well, I really can't speak to it," Fentress tells me over the phone. "I'm sworn to secrecy." Unprompted, Fentress goes further. "I understand that they're going to be creating a tour of some of the underground facilities in the future, at DIA.” Then, he makes an unexpected comparison. "When you go to Moscow, you can go down in the area where they were poised to launch a missile strike against America. And they have this big underground bomb shelter about 100 feet down in the ground. Could be similar to that kind of thing with tours to the underground of DIA."[4]

Colin St. John then addresses some questions:
“Is it possible there are bunkers and tunnels, across this country, that a precious few know about? Absolutely. Would it make sense to place some of those away from the coasts and beneath an easily accessible high-tech airport that sits on almost 34,000 acres? Definitely. Is it possible there are protected shelters underneath the Colorado plains and is it also possible that those who know about them want to keep them classified so, you know, they don't become a target? I'd say it's even probable.”[4]

About Obama being flown into DIA

Officially, Obama was flown into DIA because he was going to attend a fundraiser in Denver and make a public appearance at Denver's Lincoln High School. Unofficially he was being flown in because of the threat of Comet Elenin. [5]

Many people believe these murals in DIA tell a story of global destruction and genocide and the rising of "The New World Order".











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