Chem-trails is the conspiracy theory that consist of believing that the condensation trails that planes leave in the sky contain harmful chemicals that could be used for solar radiation management, weather modification, psychological manipulation, human population control, or biological or chemical warfare and that the trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems (1) The conspiracy initially started in 1996 when The US Air Forces published an article talking about weather modification and the possibilities of it. Many started to think that the trails of white "clouds" contained chemicals that made them weak, sick, and easy to manipulate. One international survey suggested almost 17% of respondents thought chemtrail conspiracy theories true or partly true (2) One believer, Russ Tanner, who runs the largest Facebook page devoted to chemtrails, claims that the trails have caused him physical pain, such as high blood pressure, stomach pains, headaches, and inflammation. Although there is large speculation around what the trails are, they are actually condensation trails, which is water vapour that comes out when an aircraft releases them, causing to leave a white trail due to the high altitudes. Believers claim that these trails have hurt them in a physical or neurological way, and therefore warn others to "LOOK UP" and be aware of the government's moves.

Many of the people that subscribe to this theory cite a 2007 repost of an aircraft showing that it contained unsafe levels of barium: at 6.8 parts per million, three times the US nationally recommended limit. After an investigation, however, the company found out that the equipment had been misused, and the reading exaggerated by a factor of 100—the true level of barium measured was both usual and safe. Due to this, many farmers and crop growers fear growing food in the open, due to not knowing what their air contains. Tamy, a chemtrail believe that was interviewed, said, "Tammi fears that the chemical spraying means the produce she sells and donates to the Placer Food Bank isn’t technically organic. “It makes me think, ‘Wow, are we going to have to start growing everything indoors, under tunnels?’” (3) Like her, many growers fear that their food is being tainted and unsafe to eat.

The conspiracy theory rose to people's attention in recent years due to Kylie Jenner tweeting a picture that questioned the chemtrails and asking if they are the reason why bees are slowly dying (4) Many started to investigate it even more and too, began to believe in it. Other famous people that spoke out about chemtrails was Prince during a nigh-live show, where he stated that he believed that the chemtrails were responsible for people's sudden violent behaviour.


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