Britney Spears: Tool of the Bush Administration

I'm a Slave 4 U: Britney Spears in the Pocket of George W. Bush


Britney Spears was an early 2000s pop icon with a level of fame most could only aspire to. The American people were hungry to learn all they could about the dramatic life of the legend who brought us such musical bangers such as ”Toxic” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” her actions flooded the tabloids. Spears’ personal downward spiral from 2004 to 2006 was a media sensation [1] (even inspiring the iconic “Leave Britney Alone” guy), with each new story often eclipsing the current news cycle. At the same time, George W. Bush was serving as POTUS, having his fair share of scandals as well. Scandals which on more than one occasion coincided with Spears’ attention-grabbing (and highly-publicized) personal tumults. Coincidence? I think not. The theory stands that Britney Spears was, consciously or not, in the pocket of the Bush administration, with her well-timed outbursts meant to distract from the president’s scandals and take the heat off the Bush White House. The timeline of these scandals and their coverups is as follows: [2]

The Timeline

Jan 25, 2004: The Bush Administration faced the Valerie Plame Scandal (in which a covert CIA official was publicly identified by a journalist. That same day saw Spears’ 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander, which dominated the headlines.

April 11, 2006: Bush’s approval hits 38% (an all-time low), but public attention is drawn toward scrutiny of Spears’ parenting of son Sean, after child welfare investigations involving a fall from his highchair and a prior incident in which Spears drove her car with him in her lap.

November 6, 2006: The day before a midterm election crucial to determining Republican seats in the House and Senate, Spears announced her separation from then-husband Kevin Federline.

February 2007: Bush’s announcement of his plan to reform Al-Qaeda is quickly followed by Spears’ escape from rehab, as well as her now-infamous shaved head.

March 14, 2007: The White House Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is heavily scrutinized for the firing of eight US attorneys, allegedly due to their perceived lack of loyalty to Bush. The same day Gonzales admitted “mistakes were made,” rumors surface concerning Spears’ rehab affair with musician Jason Filyaw.

Spears’ scandals started dying out (or at least getting less press time) around the 2008 election. Her political purpose had been served. Some versions of this conspiracy say her actions were ultimately controlled by the Illuminati. This states that Spears was, in fact, brainwashed, and being handled by her manager, Sam Lufti. [3] This is part of the broader conspiracy regarding the Illuminati controlling most major celebrities and through them control society, so I digress.

The government has utilized artists in the name of a political agenda before. During the Cold War, the CIA acted as a patron to artists like Jackson Pollock in support of the modern American art movement as a social push-back against Communism. This movement was seen as an example of the virtues of free market capitalism, highlighting American individualism as something that Communism could never replicate. [4] Knowing this, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the government used Spears, an artist, as a tool for their Republican agenda.
Britney Spears acted as a tool of the Bush Administration/Illuminati, using her personal snafus to divert attention from the political missteps of President George W. Bush.

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