Area 51 Craze

Is it a Conspiracy Theory: Area 51

You may have recently heard about the viral Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” which took place on September 20 and had about 2 million sign-ups on Facebook with people committing to raiding Area 51 and to release the “captive aliens”. This brought national attention and even had the Air force warn the public about things ending badly if people came.

So, what is even the hype about Area 51?

Area 51 is a popular name for a highly classified the United States Air force facility owned by the United States Air Force. It is located in Nevada, specifically at the Nevada Test and Training Range. This entire space and range cover about 2.9 million acres of land. This area is reportedly used as a space to develop and test weapons and aircraft. What makes people really skeptical about what is going on is how secretive the government is about this space. The facility is covered with many warning signs. armed guards and electronic surveillance. Another reason why everyone raises their eyebrows about Area 51 is that there is a “ no-fly” policy in which it is illegal to flyer over the facility.
The Cold War brought about the creation of Area 51; it served as a testing and development facility for the US and the Soviet Union’s aircraft. It has been open since 1955 but it wasn’t acknowledged by the CIA until recently in 2013. There are many speculations that the US military uses the space to create aircraft and there are about 2,000 workers.
The conspiracy around Area 51 lies around what people speculate about what actually goes on in the facility. The secrecy of the facility has many people questioning what is going on there versus what is being told to the public. It has been rumored that Area 51 is the testing ground for UFOs and capturing aliens. This rumor came about at the Roswell Incident in 1947 in which a flying saucer was found in Roswell, New Mexico. A rancher named W.W. Brazel came across the debris which included tinfoil, rubber strips, and sticks. When reports first came out, the U.S. Military came out with a statement saying that it was debris from a flying disc and then later saying that it was debris from a weather balloon that may have fallen. Then, they came out with another announcement about how the “weather balloon” was probably carrying a radar target.

Either way, this theory is still talked about frequently and it is a very mysterious place that we may not even get to fully understand. So what do you think? Is Area 51 just a regular military place or are they holding aliens?



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