AIDS and their Origin(s)


The Official Story

The origin of aids, according to Dr. Jacques Pepin in an interview with Steve Paikin, was in 1921. It emerged when a hunter was cutting a chimpanzee’s meat to bring back to the village, and accidentally cut himself with the knife or the wife got infected while preparing the meat. This is the only scenario that does not have strong evidence to refute it. He believes that the village was located in one of the countries in Africa. Pepin has broken the virus into HIV one and HIV two; the difference between these two are the locations, and HIV two is less transmissible than HIV one. 99% of people with HIV, have HIV one and only 1% have HIV two. However, there is also a belief that was formed by Boyd Ed Graves that aids are man-made and used to kill off African-Americans.

The Man-Made Disease

Boyd Ed Graves discovered the “blueprint” for aids: a flowchart created in the Federal program known as the “U.S Special Virus Cancer Program.” Graves also noted that the government labeled it as a “Cancer Program” because it wanted to hide the HIV developments taking place. To explain why the virus kills off tons of African-Americans he said, the HIV virus has an “affinity to people ocolor”[9]. He discovered that the “enzyme seeks out a receptor site in the blood of a Black genome” [9], which would explain this.

The “conspiracy of silence” explains why the African-American population has not had a huge reaction to Graves discovery. However, during a study conducted by Michael W. Ross, E. James Essien, and Isabel Torres it is clear that Blacks regard “HIV as a genocidal conspiracy in men and women”[1]. This group used questionnaires to question people in public parks, mass transit locations, malls and shopping centers in Houston, Texas. The study was purposely conducted in minority populated areas because one of the study’s goals was to measure the amount of trust these groups had for the government. 31.2% of African-American women and 27.3% of African-American men believed that AIDS was created to kill off Blacks [1]. African-Americans have positive-warrant to believe that the health system does not have their best interest because of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study that was carried out by the United States Public Health Service in Macon County, Alabama from 1932 through 1972. The study involved 400 black men suffering from syphilis and 204 black male controls. The study was conducted in order to test whether untreated syphilis affected blacks differently from whites. However, none of the men in the study were aware that they had syphilis; they were just told that they had “bad blood.” Because the government let this study take place, it has caused African-Americans to be skeptical about the health system in America.

Because African-Americans has had multiple negative interactions over the past years, it is reasonable for them to blame the FBI as the causers of the HIV break out among the minority community.

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